Ammbr. Share WiFi with neighbours and the community. Earn tokens.

WiFi mining with a higher purpose.

4.1 Billion people do not have an Internet connection, or it is of a poor quality. Ammbr is designed to extend the Internet, and its benefits, to these people using viral profit motives.

Token Sale — 14 November 2017

What is Ammbr?

Ammbr is a wireless mesh network built on blockchain. Bandwidth is traded 24/7 in an autonomous market.

The Ammbr mesh WiFi

Run an Ammbr device and trade connectivity with your neighbors or passersby. Earn Ammbr Tokens.


 Load Ammbr on your phone or laptop and enjoy the same connection you would at home, anywhere within range of an Ammbr signal.

Innovative technology:

— Full spectrum mesh semiconductor — Increase the range of your WiFi access point while providing built in support for a multitude of protocols and spectrum. Full spectrum mesh is WiFi2;

— Proof of Velocity semiconductor — Securely underpins the blockchain that carries the transactional history of the Ammbr marketplace and economy in a chip so power efficient, it can be used in mobile applications.;

— 6 point beam forming WiFi antenna — Optimizes your connection by realtime beam forming which concentrates signal power in the precise direction needed to increase range & throughput.


Ammbr is a new communications and transactional Edge Computing platform built to deliver the speed, scalability and security demanded by the confluence of next generation technologies, global enterprise and regulation. A highly secure consensus technology that uses low-cost, high-performance silicon, energy efficient Proof of Work, and self-sovereign digital identity to underpin the Ammbr architecture.

— Detailed information is available on the official website — AMMBR.