Papyrus — Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem. ICO.

Papyrus Ecosystem
Papyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

Papyrus Advantages.
For Users:
— Controlled advertising;
— Comfortable Internet;
— Sharing economy.

For Publishers:
— Ad-based dApp economies;
— Growth for dApps;
— Higher revenues.

For Advertisers:
— High quality traffic;
— Complete transparency;
— Low technology costs.

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— Twitter: https://twitter.com/icocryptobounty/status/919224901243990016

— Blog: https://blog.papyrus.global

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— Twitter: https://twitter.com/papyrus_global

— Telegram chat: https://t.me/papyrusglobal